Inspired by interesting silhouettes and shapes I experiment with unpolished, beautiful materials and colors to create story telling.


Working along styling and interior design, I use these same principles to create my work with strong narratives, poetic and elegant stories that invite the user into my universe.​

Concept Stylist

Interior Designer

Art Director

Visual Identity

The company Design By Josefine Hedemann is founded in 2017.

As a creative consultant, I work for

design companies with branding, art direction and visual identity. 

Client list:


AP Pension

TYBO Design

George Jensen Damask 

Garde Hvalsøe





Louisiana Museum


Malve Store

New Works

RE Beds

Robynn Storgaard ceramics

Stellar Works 

TV Graphics

Warm Nordic 

Yoye Design


Magazines & PR events :

Design Milk Everyday


Elle Decoration

Bo Bedre Dk + Norway

Femnia Indret 

Mad og Bolig

Alt Interiør

Samira Kudsk PR

Gellmuyden Kiese PR

All rights by Josefine Hedemann

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Design By Josefine Hedemann